About the Swiss Digital Center


The vision of the Swiss Digital Center and its partners is to position Valais as a recognised centre of excellence in digitalisation. The Swiss Digital Center also works to promote – locally, nationally and, ultimately, internationally – the range of digital expertise present in Valais. Lastly, it is keen to promote the work of its partners and of all the Valais-based stakeholders actively involved in the digital transformation.


The Swiss Digital Center is backed and developed by five partners whose ambition is to work alongside the different players that are part of Valais’ economic fabric to help them achieve their digital transition.

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Laurent Salamin

Director of the Swiss Digital Center
+41 452 22 24

Laurent Borella

Site manager
+41 27 452 22 25

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Swiss Digital Center
Rue du Techno-pôle 10
3960 Sierre
+41 27 452 22 24