Priority measures

Priority initiatives and measures promoting digitalisation in Valais

Digitalisation is one of the important measures designed to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of the Valais economy. The Canton of Valais is therefore very keen to support and develop local and regional digitalisation measures and initiatives. 


Digitourism is a digitalisation programme aimed at Valais-based tourism businesses, set up by the Office of Economy, Tourism and Innovation of the Canton of Valais. It helps these businesses to work with local digital technology specialists to come up with practical projects and offers education and training, proactive support and a catalogue of digital solutions.

Smart Energy

Since 2011, the digitalisation of the energy industry has been the subject of a special focus in Valais, through the annual Smart Energy Event organised by The Ark Foundation and CleantechAlps. This forum for exchange enables specialists in the field to meet and learn about solutions hailing from close to home and further afield.

This initiative is continued throughout the year by the Smart Energy Portal, a website that brings together all the latest e-Energy news and developments.


MontagnePro is the mountain professions portal developed by the Canton of Valais. It uses digitalisation to reduce the bureaucratic burden for mountain professionals, who no longer have to go through an administrative process involving lengthy correspondence to obtain a licence to practise as a mountain guide, ski instructor, mountain leader, climbing instructor or white-water activities instructor.

Swiss Digital Health

The Swiss Digital Health Association, established in 2019, has in fact been active since 2014, benefiting healthcare industry stakeholders in Valais and nationwide. Originating in Valais, this initiative brings innovation and digitalisation to the Swiss healthcare sector.

Swiss Digital Health offers a number of services, including monitoring developments in different fields, events and networking which, with the future opening of the Health Hub in Sion, are more relevant than ever.


DigitMEM is a digitalisation support programme for the mechanical and electrical engineering (MEM) industry in Valais. It helps to create projects incorporating innovations in the field of robotics and the implementation of control panels and ERP, along with digital business models. This programme was the brainchild of The Ark Foundation, in partnership with specialised enterprises and institutes.

BlueArk Conference

Smart water management (which is often digital) is the focus of this programme developed by BlueArk Entremont. It incorporates various initiatives, including a conference on the subject (BlueArk Conference), a call for relevant water-industry projects (the BlueArk Challenge) and providing premises for future digital water-industry businesses in Le Châble.

SAP Competence Center

Part of the Institute of Informatics at HES-SO Valais-Wallis, our Competence Center, known as SAP ACC Switzerland, has been working with SAP SE, and more specifically its subsidiaries SAP Switzerland and SAP France, since 1996. The Center’s collaboration contract with these companies enables it to operate as service provider under the SAP University Alliance programme, which accounts for 70% of its activity. The remaining 30% focuses on development and providing higher education and ongoing training, along with technology monitoring.

E-health Lab

This institute, attached to the Institute of Informatics at HES-SO Valais-Wallis, manages various eHealth projects with the main objective of improving services for users in terms of information reliability, user-friendliness and risk prevention. Around twenty staff members work in digital health, taking part in various projects funded by the European Commission, testament to the high level of expertise developed at the Swiss Digital Center in Sierre. 

S.M.A.R.T. Confluence

S.M.A.R.T. Confluence is a dynamic community that promotes synergy between the different stakeholders in healthcare, sport, performance, R&D and the economy in Valais, who work together to develop innovative solutions.

S.M.A.R.T. Confluence is a centre of excellence, promoting innovation and encouraging the development of the healthcare, sport and performance of tomorrow. It focuses mainly on the five specialist fields of Sport, Medicine, Ageing, Rehabilitation and Trauma care (S.M.A.R.T.).