Digital expertise in Valais

In the field of digitalisation, Valais, and more specifically the Swiss Digital Center site in Sierre, offers a vast amount of industry-leading expertise. Here is a non-exhaustive rundown of the assistance and services you will find in our region.

Education and training for businesses 

To meet the challenges arising from the growth in service digitalisation, businesses need well-trained employees proficient in today’s technologies such as Big Data, blockchain technology and AI. Effective education in these subjects, such as a Masters in AI, is available through research institutes and higher education establishments in Valais. In addition, inspiring events like the Swiss Digital Conference, which is held annually on the last Friday in January, enable participants to discuss the opportunities and challenges of digitalisation and the latest developments in the field, both in Switzerland and internationally.

Digital maturity assessments

In a rapidly changing environment, businesses are not always able to assess their level of digital maturity accurately. The Swiss Digital Center can provide Valais-based industrial businesses with an initial assessment of their level of digital maturity to enable them to identify any shortfalls and work to plug the gap.

Digital business model coaching

Through The Ark Foundation, the Canton of Valais provides digitalisation development coaching for local businesses, including in preparing a digital business model.

The Valais ecosystem

In Sierre as elsewhere in Valais, a large number of partners and businesses that operate in the digital arena are able to assist you in your endeavours. Here is the list of Valais partners by category of expertise.

Education and training

  • HES-SO (II, IEM, ITO, IEE, …)
  • Digital Team Academy
  • Unidistance
  • CFTI
  • FFHS
  • EPTM
  • EPIC Monthey


  • Icare
  • Lab e-health HES-SO Valais-Wallis
  • Idiap
  • Novelis Reasearch Center
  • EPFL Valais

Digital technology and service providers

More than 200 enterprises provide digital services and technologies in Valais.